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All universities and many colleges and schools offer residential accommodation on campus, as well as providi ng a Housing Service to assist students in locating comfortable, affordable, off-campus accommodation. The various options of accommodations are listed below. The cost will vary according to the facilities and services provided and the location.  

University Apartments

These are generally reserved for postgraduate students, visiting faculty & married students. They?re usually furnished with the necessary in-house facilities and amenities.


A very popular choice of accommodation for students. Homestay arranges for the student to live with an Australian family. Rooms are either single or shared and the price will range accordingly. The cost generally covers two meals (breakfast and dinner) during the week and three meals on weekends. As a homestay guest, you?re likely expected to be independent, respectful, considerate and co-operative.

University Residential Colleges

Normally on-campus and slightly more expensive than university accommodation. Meals are provided. Sporting and social facilities, libraries, tutoring and (generally) computer access are also provided. Cleaning and household tasks will be taken care of.

University Accommodation

University Accommodation (Halls of Residence) is usually located within or near university campuses. This option is generally cheaper than residential colleges, as they do not provide certain facilities such as meals. International students are often attracted to this mode of accommodation because of the exposure they get to many diverse cultural backgrounds.

Please note that Residential Colleges and University Accommodation will only accept full-time university students. They?re opened to both men and women. As this is mainly sought after, therefore it is recommended that you apply to the college before your classes start. Some universities do offer single sex Halls of Residence, and some have a religious affiliation. 

Rental & Shared Accommodation

This option mainly requires one or more people to share a house or flat. Rentals will be according to the location, size, facilities and the condition of the residence. You may check for advertisements in the local newspapers, student notice boards, in housing offices or approach a Real Estate Agent.




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We often receive resumes which have only the applicant's basic information minus the work experience especially from fresh graduates. When questioned why. they will say that they have just gradauted and have no work experience yet. But Some graduates have gone through intership or industrial training during their studies but they often do not think of it as working experience becuase to them it is not a full time job. How wrong they are!!!
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Our life is a summary of decision we make and the biggest and most important decision is probably our education direction. The most difficult questions to answer is, "Do I choose a course with good job prospects or a course which I have passion and interest in?"
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We struggle everytime when it comes to deciding where to send our children to further their studies. Every parent will automatically want to keep their children nearby so that they can watch over them. So what are the points to conside when making a decision on where to send our children for further studies.
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