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INTO University of Exeter are offering two additional scholarships of £2,000 for students applying to the International Diploma in Engineering enrolling in September 2013. Successful completion enables direct entry into the second year of a relevant undergraduate programme in the College of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences. Deadline is 23rd August 2013

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Law – One semester foundation starting in September leading to the law 1st year in January– recognised in Malaysia too!

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The University of Nottingham Malaysia Campus is delighted to offer 5 full fee waiver scholarships for Malaysian students who have been unsuccessful in achieving an IPTA place but wish to pursue undergraduate programmes at UNMC.

International Foundation Programme

¨ 40% scholarship meaning a tuition fee of £6000

All Bachelor Degrees

¨ 20% scholarship for all 3 years which making the

tuition fee £6950 per year

Master Degrees

¨ 20% scholarship on the course which making the

tuition fee £7950


Full Payment Discount

¨ Students who pay full tuition fees before or at

enrolment will be entitled for 5% discount

Merit Scholarship

¨ £1000 in year one only and based on academic performance

¨ Available for all international students that applying for UG and PG Programs

¨ UG Applicants must score BBC for A Level or equivalent while PG Applicants must hold 2.1 or equivalent

The Passport Bursary (Malaysia)

¨ 10% feed reduction for year 1 of study only

¨ It applies to all degree courses with fees of £10500 and above

International Scholarships

¨ Only for Malaysian Students

¨ The number of scholarships for 2013-2014 would

be between 25%-50%

¨ Total scholarship of £5363 for student

Guaranteed £1000 Scholarship

¨ For UG and PG Taught Masters Program (except


¨ Available for September 2013 and January 2014

entry only

Merit-based Country Scholarship


UEC: A Level or STPM:

£500 with minimum 4As £500 with BBB

£1000 with 6As £1000 with AAB

*Students will be entitled for 5% discount if pay full

tuition fees before 1st December 2013 (Jan 2014 entry).


New Electrical and Electronic Engineering International Year One* route - September 2013 and January 2014 entry .
Progression degrees include:
BEng in Electrical and Electronic Engineering
BEng in Electronic Engineering

The International Merit Scholarship

¨ Awards of either £500 or £1000 to well-qualified

students applying for any UG and PG Course

¨ Awards are made on the basis of academic merit.

South East Asia Scholarship 2013/2014

¨ All UG and PG International Students receive a

£1500 scholarship

At University of Wollonggong we like to reward outstanding students. So if you are a high achiever, UOW would like to offer you a scholarship – and you may not even need to fill in an application form.
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Murdoch University is once again helping more international students by continuing to offer the International Discoverers Scholarship Scheme.

Murdoch University is offering partial scholarships to international students for the 2013 intake to make studying overseas more affordable.
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British Council is offering scholarships worth RM50,000 for 2013 with 2 each exclusively for AUSTRALIA and USA. Call StudyExcel for more details or read more about it here

A Level Scholarships (Sep 2013, Jan & April 2014)

¨ 40% and 20% scholarships for students who score all

A1 or aggregate of 6/7/8 in SPM or O Levels over 6


Foundation Bursary

¨ Applies for both Oxford & Cambridge Campuses

¨ Total value of bursary for 3 terms (£4770)


An IELTS workshop will be conducted in StudyExcel Subang Jaya
Call 03 5880 9999 to book a place..

Institution Interviews for
Subang Jaya

Johor Bahru



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The Star, Jan 5 Thursday, 2012
We often receive resumes which have only the applicant's basic information minus the work experience especially from fresh graduates. When questioned why. they will say that they have just gradauted and have no work experience yet. But Some graduates have gone through intership or industrial training during their studies but they often do not think of it as working experience becuase to them it is not a full time job. How wrong they are!!!
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(The Star,
HIGHER EDUCATION, StarSpecial, Wednesday 14 December 2011)

Our life is a summary of decision we make and the biggest and most important decision is probably our education direction. The most difficult questions to answer is, "Do I choose a course with good job prospects or a course which I have passion and interest in?"
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(The Star,
HIGHER EDUCATION, StarSpecial, Wednesday 14 December 2011)

We struggle everytime when it comes to deciding where to send our children to further their studies. Every parent will automatically want to keep their children nearby so that they can watch over them. So what are the points to conside when making a decision on where to send our children for further studies.
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